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Join our 2-Day SROI Accreditation Training in March

Register now to join our flagship training program in March – accredited by Social Value International, this highly interactive training will provide learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to conduct a social value or SROI assessment…

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Join the Social Value Movement and Become a Social Value Professional

Social Value International is the leading global network for social value, united by a collective mission to change the way the world accounts for value. Join our community of likeminded organisations and individuals to be inspired, engage, learn, collaborate, and bring your voice to the movement.

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Social Value Principles and Practice Assurance

The Principles of Social Value provide the basic building blocks for anyone who wants to make decisions to optimize social value. They represent a comprehensive set of generally accepted social accounting principles. Conducting practice assurance against the Social Value Principles enables organisations and practitioners to check the robustness of their impact measurement and management (IMM) practices.

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Going Beyond ESG: Embedding the SDGs in IMM

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) challenge all governments, businesses and investors to measure and manage their impact on people and the planet – positive and negative, intended and unintended. To avoid “SDG-washing” which will unavoidably lead to SDG-exhaustion, organisations should embed in impact measurement and management (IMM) practices in effective ways, in line with best practice frameworks such as the UNDP SDG Impact Standards and the SVI’s Social Value Principles.

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What Is Social Value?

Social value is about understanding the relative importance that people place on
changes to their wellbeing and using the insights we gain from this understanding to
make better decisions. By taking this relative importance into account we can ensure
that the decisions we make focus on what is valuable to people, and through this we
can start to increase the positive and reduce the negative effects and ultimately
increase the overall value of our work.

Our vision for the Social Value Movement is to change the way society accounts for
value through principles, practice, people and power, where decision-making is
based on accounts of value to reduce inequality and environmental degradation and
improve planetary and social well-being. Social Value Hong Kong, a member
network of Social Value International, supports the Social Value Movement through
knowledge building and the provision of training and assurance services.

Changing the Way the World Accounts for Value

Building a Social Value Movement

Accreditation Training

There are currently two training programs that meet the SVI Accredited Standard and support the SVI Professional Pathway – 1. the Social Value and SROI Practitioner Course and 2. the Social Impact Management: Applying the Principles of Social Value training course (developed in collaboration between Efiko Academy and SVI).

If you’re interested in working with our Accredited Trainers to deliver the Social Value and SROI Accreditation Training in
Hong Kong:

Impact Verification and Assurance

Having partnered with social value professionals from SVI and Social Value UK in delivering SROI report assurance and sustainability framework assurance projects, Social Value Hong Kong has ample of experience in assisting enterprises and other kinds of organisations to undertake impact verification and social value practice assurance projects.

If you’re interested in applying for report accreditation or framework assurance services against the SVI’s Principles of Social Value:

Building Bespoke IMM Framework

Social Value Hong Kong has been involved in the delivery of both local and international consultancy projects in assisting our clients to build bespoke IMM frameworks that adhere to international best practices including the IMP Five Dimensions of Impact, the SDG Impact Standards, and the SVI’s Principles of Social Value.

Check out for further information from the website of the Impact Management Platform for which SVI is a founding partner. If you’re in
need of professional help in the conceptualisation and development of bespoke IMM
and sustainability frameworks:

Social Value Movement

We work with a global network of practitioners, enterprises, professionals and change makers to embed core principles for social value measurement…

Social Value Principles

The Principles of Social Value provide the basic building blocks for anyone who wants to make decisions to optimize social value, namely to promote equality…

Professional Pathway

The Social Value International (SVI) Professional Pathway enables individual practitioners to gain internationally recognised qualifications in social value and social impact management…

Professional Training

we need to effectively measure and manage the impacts of our activities – and this means making decisions that take account of effects on people and the planet and having the skills…

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Work with us to promote the Social Value Movement.

To reach us for a conversation, contact us at or share your contact email and leave a message below.

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