Social Value Management Certificate

The organisational accreditation by Social Value International.

If your organisation has impact measurement and management systems in place and want to demonstrate pioneering commitment to social value, then the internationally recognised Social Value Management Certificate is the accreditation seal your organisation needs.

The Social Value Management Certificate is an internationally recognised assurance seal that assesses the standard of an organisation’s practice in managing the social value that it creates (and destroys) through its activities.   

The assurance not only examines the reporting of social value, but also the gathering of data, analyzing of the data, and how this is used to make informed decisions that improve stakeholders’ lives.    

It does not provide proof or a statement that your organisation or programme is creating a particular amount of social value, but it does show that you are embedding the required systems and practices to continuously improve the amount of value you are creating.  

The Social Value Management Certificate can be awarded to an organisation, a department or franchise, or a specific programme/project being run by an organisation. 

The Social Value Management Certificate has three levels:

Level One: Commit An organisation or programme must demonstrate a commitment to embedding the SVI Framework and The Principles of Social Value into its policies and practices, supported by senior management and/ or the board. This means an explicit commitment to managing the social value being created in the organisation for all stakeholders.

Level Two: Implement The organisation or programme must show that the commitment to managing social value in alignment to the SVI Framework and the Social Value Principles is being implemented into the organisational practice. This will include evidence of data that has been collected.

Level Three: Manage The organisation or programme must demonstrate that social value is being managed with an aim to maximise the value that is being created within the organisation’s available resources for all stakeholders. This means social value data is being used in organisational decision making continuously and systems and processes are being reviewed and improved.

These three levels together forms an organisational development pathway – applicants must progress through each level consecutively. To do so, applicants need to provide evidence that they are meeting the specific criteria for that level.

Why Should I Get The Social Value Management Certificate?

  1. Gain a competitive advantage: You can prove to external stakeholders (including funders/ investors/ commissioners) that you are aligning to an international standard for managing social value and taking steps towards optimizing the value that you can create.
  2. Improve your practice: You can follow a clear pathway for improving the way you are measuring and managing your social value with the support of peers and an international network of practitioners.
  3. Maximise: You can maximise the value you are creating for all of your stakeholders by implementing robust systems to measure, manage and maximise your social value.
  4. Impact risk management: The certificate can provide confidence to you and your stakeholders that you are taking steps to manage your social value.

View the Social Value Management Certificate Directory to see the organisations who already have the certificate.

How to apply:

It is also a good idea to take our Self-Assessment on the Social Value Self Assessment Tool. This gives you an indication of how your social value management systems and processes are already meeting the standards. It also has a very useful set of tips and guidance to help you improve your practice over time.

Please note that your application will be processed during the next round. The dates of the Social Value Management Certificate application rounds are available on the Assurance Calendar.

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