What Is Report Assurance?

Getting your social value report independently assured will give your work and its findings an externally verified mark of quality and credibility.

Assurance is more than just a rubber-stamping exercise. It is also a learning process designed to help you improve the way you measure impact. During the process of Report Assurance your social value or SROI analysis will be independently checked by our qualified assessors. They will check that the report shows good understanding of social value principles and practice.

When you submit your report for assurance, there are 4 possible results:

  1. Report assured
  2. Report does not meet the assurance standard criteria, but can with changes possible within an amendment period
  3. Report does not meet the assurance standard criteria
  4. Report assured with attached limitation statement: ‘Limitation of the application of Principle 4: Only include what is material’

To find out more about Report Assurance, and the way in which a report is assessed by Social Value International, please download the Report Assurance Standard.

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Before you apply:

Please make sure you have completed the following supporting documents:

  • A complete Word (or similar) version of the report to be assured, including any appendices and with all references to the author removed
  • A complete Excel (or similar) version of the value map used as the basis of the analysis with all references to the author removed
  • Evidence of permission to submit the report from the relevant organisations
  • A signed copy of the terms and conditions of application.

Before you submit:

The Pre-Assurance Check service provides an applicant intending to submit a report for Report Assurance to check that the stakeholder engagement undertaken and defining of outcomes in their analysis have been done in alignment with the Report Assurance Standard criteria. This allows for refinements to be made at an earlier stage in data collection and report development and reduces the risk that a report will not successfully meet the Assurance requirements.


How to apply?

These applications will ONLY be processed during the application rounds as per the Assurance Calendar.

For more information about Assurance and Accreditation services, please visit:


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