Impact Management Platform

The organisational accreditation by Social Value International.

The Impact Management Platform (‘Platform’) is a collaboration between leading providers of public good standards, frameworks, tools, and guidance for managing sustainability impacts.

Over the past decade, there has been significant growth in demand for organisations to improve their impacts on people and the planet, and to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Core to making this possible is effective impact management. However, the growing number of initiatives supporting different aspects of impact management have been difficult for enterprises and investors to navigate. With the climate crisis and COVID-19 pandemic demonstrating the fundamental interdependencies between markets and sustainability issues, the urgency to build a coherent and complete system of principles, standards and guidance for how to improve sustainability impacts has never been greater.

Through the Platform, partnering organisations will work together to identify opportunities to:

  • Continue to clarify the actions of impact management and to actively disseminate relevant frameworks, tools and guidance for each action;
  • Achieve, where necessary, consolidation of existing resources to support the practice of impact management, with a focus on advancing and demonstrating interoperability among those resources;
  • Identify actions and areas in which insufficient resources are available to support practitioners, and to coordinate to deliver workplans to address this. This includes leveraging a broader community of experts as required; and
  • Coordinate among Partners regarding policy and regulatory processes to support the mainstreaming of impact management


The Platform represents the next phase of the collaboration that, until now, was facilitated by the Impact Management Project (IMP), a timebound consensus-building forum that ran from 2016 to 2021. Through the Platform, initiatives will continue to work together to identify opportunities to consolidate existing sustainability resources, collectively address gaps, and coordinate with policymakers and regulators to support the mainstreaming of impact management.

The Platform will be overseen by a Steering Committee comprised of the IFC, OECD, UNDP, UNEP FI and UNGC.

Download a summary of the Platform here:

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