The Value Accounting Network


One reason that the global community is failing to address our collective challenges of climate change, inequity, and the loss of nature is that decisions are based on incomplete information that does not sufficiently account for this value.


The purpose of the Value Accounting Network is to advance the role of value accounting in decision-making, governance and disclosure. In order to achieve this, the members of the Value Accounting Network will collaborate, harmonize and build consistency in the value accounting space and in how it is applied within organizations.

The Value Accounting Network is hosted by the Capitals Coalition in partnership with the Impact Management Project. Technical support was provided by Sustain Value.

Who are the members?

Internationally accepted frameworks such as the Natural Capital Protocol and the Social & Human Capital ProtocolSocial Value International’s framework, and the System of Economic Environmental Accounting (SEEA) represent the synthesis of previous efforts to standardize approaches.

As momentum grows towards greater use of value accounting in decision-making, there are several new and evolving initiatives which are developing necessary methodologies and guidance to fulfil different needs and objectives.

Recognizing that it can though be overwhelming for practitioners to be confronted with so many different approaches, and that is not always easy to understand the ways in which they connect, complement and support one another, the leaders of these initiatives now come together as part of the collaborative Value Accounting Network.

The Value Accounting Network will:

  • Clearly display how the various initiatives relate to and complement one another.
  • Collaborate on the advancement of value accounting in decision-making a pre-competitive space.
  • Simplify the value accounting landscape for organizations looking to adopt the approach.
  • Build consistency in how value is understood and support the role of audit and assurance in holding decision makers to account.
  • Support and communicate advances made by this community towards greater application and standardization.
  • Continue to explore developments in value-based initiatives, build on each other’s work and harmonize terminology, measurements and boundaries, classifications, parameters, techniques, and value coefficients.

Click here to download the Joint Statement on Value Accounting

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