UNDP SVI Collaboration

Social Value International Signed A Responsible Party Agreement With The United Nations Development Programme
To Support The Rollout And Adoption Of The SDG Impact Practice Standards.

Since 2018, SVI and UNDP have been working closely through the IMP facilitated Structured Network – a collaboration of 16 standard-setting organisations that, through their specific and complementary expertise, are coordinating efforts to provide complete standards for measurement, management and reporting of impacts on sustainability.

SDG Impact is a UNDP initiative, tasked with developing resources under three central pillars to accelerate investment towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The three pillars are Impact Management, Impact Intelligence and Impact Facilitation. Under the Impact Management pillar, the SDG Impact Practice Standards are being developed.

The SDG Impact Standards, created through extensive public consultation, are provided as a best practice guide and self-assessment tool. Organizations can use them to align their internal processes, practices and decision making. Organizations are encouraged to use the Standards in their entirety as a gap analysis and self-assessment tool, and to fill gaps and improve practice over time.


In addition to the development of the standards the UNDP will be creating the following resources:

  1. A glossary

  2. A compendium of guidance notes and links to useful resources
  3. Mapping documentation showing how the SDG Impact Standards align to other standards/frameworks
  4. Online training on impact measurement and management being developed through CASE at Duke University
  5. Assurer training (being developed through Social Value International) and accreditation to build additional capacity, capability, and consistency within the assurance community.

Listen to what representatives from Social Value International have to say:

“The Practice Standards are a vital addition to the impact management landscape, providing organisations with a robust framework for best practice. This strategic partnership with UNDP solidifies our alignment in thinking and allows us to support the rollout and adoption of the standards.”

Ben Carpenter

Chief Executive of SVI

The SDG Impact Standards provide a common language and best-practice guidance for integrating impact management into business, investment practices and decision-making. SVI’s expertise in the design of a customized training program on the Standards for UNDP Country Offices and its support to the assurance framework and curriculum design for assurers will all help to drive wide-spread adoption of the Standards.

Elizabeth Boggs Davidson

Director of SDG Impact

“The UNDP’s focus on meaningful stakeholder engagement and what it would mean to be held to account for your impact performance is completely aligned with SVI’s principles, so this is a very exciting opportunity for organisations to significantly increase their positive impact and make real contributions to the SDGs.”

Jeremy Nicholls

Trustee of SVI
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