2-Day SROI Accreditation Training in Hong Kong

Highly interactive, this is the flagship training program accredited by Social Value International that provides learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to conduct a social value or SROI assessment to maximise the impacts of your work. The program has been delivered all around the world for over 10 years by highly experienced Accredited Trainers from Social Value International.

The program meets the requirements for assurance – meaning that your work meets best global standards and by working closely with our trainers, you will be guided using case studies and practical activities so you can effectively measure and manage the impacts of your work.

The online Social Value and SROI accreditation program provides training to a level suitable for trainees seeking to become accredited practitioners – a prerequisite for attaining the status of AP2 accredited practitioner and AP3 advanced practitioner.

2-Day SROI Accreditation Training in Hong Kong (in-person)


(Session 1) March 21-22 [Thu & Fri] and
(Session 2) March 25-26 [Mon & Tue]


9:30am to 5:00pm

Lead Trainer

Terence YUEN, Executive Director, Social Value Hong Kong
(Social Value AP3 Advanced Practitioner & Accredited SROI Trainer)


(Session 1)
Tom CHAN, Social Value AP3 Advanced Practitioner
(Session 2)
Winnie NG, Senior Consultant, Climate Finance Asia


HKD8,000 per participant (covering one-year SVHK membership fee)
HKD7,500 per participant (for existing SVHK members)
Medium of Instruction: Cantonese (teaching materials in English)
Venue: ESG Innovation Lab, 28/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central

Module Contents:

Module 1:
Scope and Purpose of Impact Management

Module 2:
Identifying Stakeholders and Outcomes

1.1 Purpose and process
1.2 Principles of Social Value
1.3 Verification and standards

2.1 Stakeholders, inputs and outputs
2.2 Understand outcomes
2.3 Well-defined outcomes

Module 3:
Measuring the Amounts of Changes

Modules 4 & 5:
Valuing Changes to Outcomes /
From Outcomes to Impact

Module 6:
Calculations, Aggregation, Reporting and Embedding

3.1 Quantity (Indicators)
3.2 Duration

4.1 Value
4.2 Monetary valuation
5.1 Causality

6.1 Most important outcomes
6.2 Reporting, verification & embedding

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