Professional Training:
Social Value and Impact Management

Why should I join an Accredited Training program?

There is an increasing demand for impact management skills.

Globally, we are seeing there is a growing need from organisations who recognise how important it is to measure and manage the impacts of their activities and investments – and this means you need to be able to demonstrate your capabilities as a recognised and skilled practitioner.

There is also a global demand for a more equitable society and sustainable environment .

To achieve a more sustainable and equitable society that can truly work towards the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to effectively measure and manage the impacts of our activities – and this means making decisions that take account of effects on people and the planet and having the skills, systems, and structures to do so.

Whether you work for a social enterprise, NGO, a for-profit organisation, invest to create impacts, or simply want to learn more about how to manage impacts and create social value, our programs can provide you with the skills and recognition needed!

There are currently two training programs that meet the SVI Accredited Standard – the Social Value and SROI Practitioner Course (developed by Social Value UK) and the Social Impact Management: Applying the Principles of Social Value Training Course (developed in collaboration between Efiko Academy and SVI).

Both of these training programs meet the accreditation standard set out by SVI, demonstrating alignment with the Social Value Principles and international best-practice for social value and impact measurement and management.

Social Value and SROI Practitioner 


Live, classroom based learning, delivered both offline and online by highly experienced Social Value International Accredited Trainers


High levels of interaction with peers and expert trainer for the duration of the program


Apply your learning to a value map with support from the Accredited Trainer


Suitable for – beginner to advanced and individuals or teams


Duration – approximately 20 hours online or 2 days if delivered face-to-face


Offered by a range of training providers and Social Value International Networks


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Why impact management must be improved?

According to the latest annual survey of the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network), the greatest challenges ahead cited by impact practitioners are impact washing and the inability to demonstrate and compare impact results.

It goes without saying that without a proper system to measure social and environmental impact, positive or negative, we cannot hold organisations accountable for their actions.

In this reasoning, impact measurement is a means to an end. Organisations of all sizes that take their social or environmental impact seriously should excel in designing a compelling impact strategy, measuring results that matter and generating powerful reports to show accountability and improve decision-making.


Online materials, access anytime from anywhere


Six live, classroom-based online sessions by highly experienced SVI accredited trainers combined with self-paced video content featuring Dr. Adam Richards


30+ practitioner insights, 50+ exercises and downloadable value map (with completed example) to apply your learnings


Suitable for – beginner to advanced and individuals or teams


Duration: up to 20h of bite-sized online content and the equivalent of 1 day of live delivery

What you will learn:

Define compelling impact goals and establish a theory of change

Compute the Social Return On Investment (SROI) of a project and use stakeholder data for strategic decisions.

Identify when and how to engage stakeholders in an impact assessment

Create impact reports compliant with the Principles of Social Value and grasp how to embed a culture of impact management in an organisation.

Evaluate the materiality and quality of social and environmental outcomes with relevant impact metrics

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